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The Wonderer Returns [Mar. 31st, 2007|06:42 pm]
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Ground control to Live Journal

Hello readers and before you rub your eyes in amazement yes I have really blogged!

 Due to circumstances beyond my control i.e. Essays I have not been bothered/ able to blog about my going’s on. You will be glad to know however, that essays are now all done and normal blogging is to be resumed.

I have decided to do a little checklist at the start of this blog to remind myself of what I have actually done/wish to talk about. They are numbered so you my dear readership can easily locate a certain section if you wish to only read part of this blog.

 Ok so:

1. Budget

2. Greg Barker/ Michael Flower

3. Essays

4. Home Office Split

 1. Ok so the Budget. Very much a give with the one hand take with the other that we expect from Brown so in that sense it wasn’t very shocking. Scrapping the 10p lower band basically gets this 2p so called “Cut” in income tax back.  Many other of Browns announcements for example the cut in corporation tax was actually proposed by the Tories months ago, so it that sense Brown has done well lol.

2. Shadow Environment Secretary Greg Barker visited Keele on Thursday during his day of visiting the West Midlands region. For those of you who don’t recognise the name think of the Tory Mp who broke up with his wife last year to go with another man. Yep that’s right that’s him. He was a pleasant enough fellow and after showing him around the Keele grounds we took him to the Union for a cup of Coffee. He asked us about measures being made to tackle global warming etc at Keele and he briefly talked about his recent visit to the Arctic Circle with our dear leader Mr C. All in all a nice 30 minutes.  During the 30 minutes however I found myself most of the time talking to Councillor Flower who comes from my home Village. I had spoken to him before I came to Keele and so it was nice to chat to him again. We talked about the Conservatives in Aldridge and more specifically CF. He informed me that the current Aldridge CF chairman has left the area and so it appears I shall be doing something in the Summer to get that CF up and running again.

 3. Essays were pure hell and despite me saying on this blog if I remember rightly, that I wouldn’t leave it to the last minute I did just that. Out of the 4 I did I was only really happy with two of them, the other two I am very concerned about. As they say however, What’s done is done so Ill just have to wait and see!

4. NO NO NO NO NO, Why do Labour insist on splitting/rebranding any area of government that is not working! They cannot blame to Tories for the mess in the Home office. They have had 10 years to sort out any issues and if they really felt the Home office needed splitting why not do it in 1997 or 2001/2002 after 9/11.

After all Mr Reid himself suggested this split is to deal with the increasing threat of Terrorism.   Also the “Ministry for Justice” is just an awful name for a department. If we really must split the home office at least come up with some more imaginative names.

Ok rant over now, Until Next Time

Alex :)

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The Week that Was [Feb. 17th, 2007|06:38 pm]
[mood |blankblank]

Hello dear readership, and welcome to yet another jam packed blog full of goodness about the past week in the life of me, alex_the_tory.

(Please note that at this point one reefer’s back to diary to see exactly what I did in the last week! bad memory or what!)

Ah yes Tuesday was Union General Meeting night and rather like the last one was somewhat muted in nature. What I think is a UGM first, all the motions put forward past comfortably. This perhaps explains its lack of controversy. One thing I am beginning to notice is the sheer amount of motions aimed at protecting the environment being proposed. Now don't get me wrong, the environment is a very important issue but why not just have one motion saying KUSU will do all it can to protect and preserve the environment. We end up getting into debates about weather recycling should come ahead of carbon offsetting and visa verse when we can just all agree to do whatever we can. All will in some way play a part in achieving the same aim.

After the meeting one collected my free drink voucher and headed to the bar. For all those who decide to get a spirit and mixer, however, are discriminated against. The voucher only gets you the shot free and therefore you must rummage around for cash to buy the mixer! I am not very happy with this rule and infact have contemplated putting a motion forward to SRC about it. I have a feeling; however, come 9pm on a Tuesday night when SRCs usually take place people will be rather annoyed with such a petty motion being discussed.

Wednesday was very much a day of mixed fortunes. On the one hand the return of the Two Hour Operation was halted by a KUBE malfunction. (Sorry to anyone who tried to tune in to the show, probably none of you!). Not all was lost though. It meant Joe and Me could spend some more time together, and after all it was Valentines Day. On Thursday Joe and me went for a lovely meal at an Italian restaurant in Hanley. The steak was pure bliss! .

As for the rest of the week up to now (Saturday evening) not a lot has happened. I intend to relax tomorrow and stay in bed for a long period of time before possibly attending quiz night at Sneyd Arms.

Until next time

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Football and Fire [Feb. 12th, 2007|01:17 pm]
[mood |blahblah]

Been as I was not at work on Saturday, I rather neglected my blog and failed to stick to my weekly update.

Therefore I am writing it now on a Monday afternoon in the basement of the library building. It's been quite a busy week most of which I have either been ill or aching so much I couldn’t move!

Friday marked the first match of Keele CF FC. This really shouldn't have been the first match. We had originally planned to play UKIP the week before, but once again they pulled out fearing there humiliation! (Nothing to do with the pitch being dug up on that day!).

Anyway the tournament went pretty much as I expected. We lost our first came 3-0 and the lack of preparation clearly showed. In the second game we picked it up and managed to sneak a draw with the last kick of the game (A good finish by myself as well I think). Our third match was a little "Nasty" with lots of challenges going in and one of our players having to go off injured. We went ahead twice in the game but there superior quality shone through. With that, our dreams of victory were shattered but considering we did no practise we put in a good show. On a personal level I was very happy with my contribution. I ended up being the top goal scorer and I played pretty well. All this running about meant on Saturday I could barely move with the pain. My thighs felt like someone had shot them and poured acid over them. I guess it shows just how unfit I am. Next year I shall definitely warm up before hand and perhaps do some running a few days before. For those of you interested the tournament was eventually won by 5 members of the Keele Football Club dressed in ladies clothes!

Following vodkopoly on Saturday night I proceeded to do very little on Sunday. This was mainly due to me feeling ill after drinking Vodka and having a very nice fellow lying next to me. When I did eventually get out of bed me and Joe went to weatherspoons to eat and I went home to what I thought was going to be a nice quiet nice in front of the box.  I’m afraid my boredom got the better of me however, and went to the Sneyd Arms in Keele with Owen and a few other Tories. We ended up staying for the Quiz which we came second in behind Adam Cook and his fellow team-mates.

Upon our return to college court we noticed not one but two fire engines parked in the car park. Being a nosey bitch that I am I went to have a nose and there in front of my eyes was a burnt out kitchen! If only I had stayed in and not let boredom get the better of me I may have witnessed an explosion of intense magnitude. Instead I ended up drink adamms ale talking about Peter's future!

Right boredom has once again got the better of me so therefore I shall end this blog.



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Let the Fun Begin.. [Feb. 3rd, 2007|05:31 pm]
[music |None]

Well Semester 2 of the Second Year is well underway and im beginning to get back into the routine of lectures again. Luckily i havent managed to miss any yet although at times i have very much felt the urge too!. I can't say the same about a certain other person though.

Being the politically active person i am means along with lectures i have several other commitments coming up. Firstly being on the Elections Forum for Kusu Elections will take up alot of my time this month. In March it is very much essay time where i have 4 submissions in by  the end of the month. After that and i guess right now it's also all go with prep for the local elections not just in Keele and Newcastle but in Stoke where i am due to stand as a candidate.

Keele Ward looks like being a real contest with 3 studenst running for Conservative, Labour and UKIP. They are all up against the incumbent Lib Dem Councillor Wensley Naylon who is pretty popular within the village. No one can predict what wiull happen in Keele mainly because the majority of the electorate are Students!. If the election day is anything like it was last May it should be very exciting indeed! (Lets hope the weather is the same aswell!, Blimey it was hot). In terms of Newcastle overall we need to ensure we remain in control albeit in coalition with the Lib Dems. As for my ward wherever it may be , simply avoiding being beaten by the BNP will be something of an achievement!.  Lets just say Stoke is not a solid Conservative Area !!.

I've just managed to book off next saturday so i can attend the spectacular that is Vodkopoly/Whisk. It is a mixture of Vodka and Monoploly. If it is anyting like last year it promises to be a lively event. i was robbed i tell you, robbed!

I shall leave you with a quote from the great Thomas Edison

"Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing."


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Mid Week Update [Jan. 24th, 2007|02:37 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |None]

Well its 2.30 pm on my first week of the second semester and i have completed classes for 3 of the 4 modules im taking. They all look and sound very interesting.

European Union - The lecturer seems very competent and by  the sheer numbers that turned up it looks a very popular course.   Having both of the lectures back to back,  however,  is pretty hard going. Out of the three modules i've started it looks by far the most complex. Despite this, i am enjoying it.

Road to the White House - This module content is very  intresting indeed but my god Tappin is making us work!. Aswell as the lectures and tutorials we have to do god damm group presenations on presendentail candidiates. Luckily i am in the Hillary Clinton Camp so it shouldnt be too hard to find out about her and WIN!!.  Although all this student led workshopping sounds fun , id much rather just turn up to lectures and seminars and listen to the lecturer wittle on whilst i take notes.  I mean, this presenting is not even part of the module mark!. Ah well i shouold of expected nothing less from Mr Tappin.

International Organisations - Despite the lecture being taken by Ann Hughes rather than Lorna Lloyd , this module does appear to be very interesting. However, when will lecturers leran not to just read from the slide show they created!. They may aswell just not say anything. Also Ann hughes rushes through the slides so fast no one has any time to write the bloody stuff down anyway!. Despite this, i think i shall enjoy the module

In other news . I was yesterday elected to be on the Elections Forum for the upcoming KUSU elections. (It's the first and only time i will probably win a election with KUSU in my life!). My job involves manning the polling booths and dealing with complaints by candidates during the campiagn. Oh yes and the small matter of counting the votes on election night!. The joy!. Due to me being elected, i am no longer going to talk about the KUSU elections until after they have taken place. It promises to be very interesting indeed!


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Exams over at last [Jan. 20th, 2007|05:13 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |None]

I’m back after the torment of what is known as exams!

Well I would be lying if I said nothing has happened since I last blogged because, well, a lot has happened.

Exams went pretty well overall, however I found the politics ones much easier to write than IR. It feels nice simply to have got the Peace, Conflict and Security module completed. I don't think I have ever felt so stressed about an exam or essay in my life! I do hate having an exam on the final day of exam period and in the last time slot. You see all your fellow students partying away and being happy, it really does make you angry! To be honest though you can't really moan. I’m sure I would do exactly the same if I were in the same situation. My revenge will come soon I hope!

CF got up and running again yesterday which was nice. Refreshers fair is on Tuesday so it will be nice if we can get a few new members joining. Election fever for both the sabb and local elections will also soon be underway which is always exciting!. I’m hoping to get on the Elections Forum for the sabb elections this year, but it all depends whether SRC vote for me to do it. If I do get on, I shall obviously seize to talk about the sabb elections on this blog in order to maintain my neutrality, which of course is vital for such a position. 

Unlike last year the University have decided not to give us a week off after exams, instead they make us get straight back into the lecture routine. My modules this semester seem pretty good but I guess I will find out what there really like after this week. The EU module I’ve picked looks pretty heavy going, but it is something I do really want to learn more about.

Ok now to other news. As many of you probably already know from Facebook, I am now in a relationship with a fellow Tory (Joseph). To be honest, it seemed everyone knew we liked each other but it is only after over a year of being friends we finally got together. Clearly this development has made me very very happy and made me worry much less about the exams. I have never felt this way about anyone before; I just never get bored of his company. 

Typing that has made me think about how much of a journey I have gone on so far at university. It is always said, "School are the best days of you life". For me it has to be University. After feeling petrified and anxious about the whole university experience when I first arrived, I have gone on to love every single minute of it (and I’m only just half way through it!). I have made some fantastic friends who I'm sure I will stay in contact with for a very long time. Clearly to be accepted for who I am is also very pleasing. I always knew I would "come out" as it were at university but it was made a lot easier by having such great friends.  It's just nice to sit down and have an intellectual conversation with someone about subjects you enjoy. My god, if I tried talking about politics at school to anyone they would fall asleep or not understand a word of what I was saying. Right I’m going to stop with all this reminiscing because frankly I’m sure you are all bored of this post by now!

I will leave you with an old Scottish proverb I found the other day 

" Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead "




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New Year Blog/Rant [Jan. 4th, 2007|09:04 pm]
[music |None]

Before i start let me say a Happy New Year to you all . Lets hope 2007 brings you everything you desire! , If only a?

Firstly i would like to moan about fireworks at New Year. Now i one of those who believes fireworks should only be used for public displays only . Having them for private use is not just dangerous but the majority of fireworks either dont go off properly, or if on the rare occasion they do are as lame as the lamest of ducks!. Anyway being new years day i accept that some fireworks will be let off at 12am but when they continue until pat 3am in the morning its just pure annoying. Some peoples clocks must be drastically wrong if they think 3am is midnight!!!!.

Secondly i would like to advise as to sending text messages at New Year. DON'T SEND THEM!". They are pointless messages which waste both time and money. If you are going to wish someone a happy new year just wait until you first see them in the year!. Even if you think you beat the so called "overload" by sending it 10 minutes before , remember millions of people are thinking the same thing!.  I can tell you now being awoken numerous times by the same "Happy new year" message becomes rather irritating!. (You notice how i only said numerous as to not uncover how popular or unpopular i may be) . What is even more annoying is when you find you have been sent the same message twice by the same person.  It certainly tells you who had a good night!

Right rant over back to more pressing concerns. Exam revision is progressing better now i have come back to stoke. Although whatever you do never feels quite enough!. A new Primark has opened in Hanley and i think i am becomming obsessed. i have been in thier twice in two days and came out with goods both times. For those of you who know me i rarely spend money as it is, so this shop has certainly done something to me. I shall be going again tommorrow so it looks like the spending is set to continue. Oh yes and a brought Joe a double gin today thinking about it. What's Happening to me!!!!

If i were you id get back to Keele quickly before my new sense of charity ends!


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Merry Christmas and Confession [Dec. 22nd, 2006|12:19 pm]
[mood |impressedimpressed]
[music |Take That - Shine]

Id just like to blog to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year. (apart from those of you i hate of course!)

 Lets hope you have all been good little boys and girls or else santa wont be visiting your house.

Before i go however i must let you know of a few things :

Firstly after getting into the take that song patience i decided to go against all my beliefs and morals and buy thier new album. I don't know what i was expecting from it but blimey i think i am now a fan!. I don't know whether to feel embarresed or what but i guess being Gay gives me a little more leway as i can always put it down to my campness. 

The songwriting skills of Gary Barlow inparticlar is fantastic and all the songs on the album are good in thier own way. I have been reading the review sof the album on various websites and many suggest it has a similar sound to keane, and the feeling albums and i guess thats why i like it. If i were to pick out one song though it would have to be the immensly cathchy Shine sung mainly by Mark.  For those of you who feel take that is not for them just try this album because you will be pleasantly surprised.

Secondly is it me or is it getting freezing all of a sudden!. It must be my age but i certainly feel the cold more than when i was a wee lad.

Lastly .... , well there isnt a lastly actually no there is i have started to read Peter Kays new book and i must admit it is indeed quite witty. I do recommend you get it from the library atleast. Nice bit of comedy before you go off to bed is always good.

Ta Ta

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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2006|06:25 pm]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |None]

Before i go any further, I actually can't believe im updating my blog 3 times in a week!, It's amazing what a bit of free time can do.

Anyway i went home on Thursday for a couple of days, originally i had planned to get my football boots for the CF vs KUUKIP match but they have chickened out and cancelled. Therefore from my understanding of the game that makes us winners by defualt!!

It was never in doubt!,

I was reading the daily mail yesterday at my granpapas house and came across an article highlighting the fittest and laziest  towns in Britain. Low and behold both my permanent home Walsall and my temporary home Stoke-On-Trent  were in the laziest  column. To be honest it dosent really surprise me. It was only when i was standing in Walsall yesterday waiting to meet my brother i noticed how fat and chavvy people in Walsall really are.!.

Despite this there is nothing quite like being back home alongside familair places and people, and as the good old saying goes "All publicity is good publicity!"

Well at the CF meeting yesterday which i was not present at they discussed David Cameron. Not about him being 97th sexiest man but how succesful he has been in his first year in charge. After talking to Joe the feedback was on the whole positive with only one member present  ( who shall remain nameless)  raising some concerns. In my own personal opinion i think he has done all that  he would of been asked to do. We are still leading the polls comfortably and he appears to be connecting with the majority of the electorate. Despite this, it is what he does in the next year which will determine if he is to get the keys to number 10!, Just on that note i was thinking does the PM ever have a set of keys with him when he is out and about?, I have never seen him once outside number 10 struggling to find his keys whilst juggling his shopping!.

Anyway back to Cameron. Now is the time to start making some key decisons. This past year he has always had the excuse about waiting for these policy groups to come up with policy. If all goes to plan however these groups should be reporting back soon and then is the time for him to start making some tough decsions. One area inparticular  where he needs to be bold is with Nuclear Energy. There is no point suggesting we wait and develop other forms of energy, the simple fact is a few wind turbines here or there will make no difference. Nuclear energy whether we like it or not  is the only alternative to the energy dilema.

Right that will do for now,

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Sinking feeling [Dec. 7th, 2006|11:26 pm]
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[music |None]

So.. Essays are handed in and all is quiet on the western front

To be honest i am very disapointed in myself for leaving a couple of my essays until the last minute. If i get bad marks i only have myself to blame. I only wish i could of had my "leave my essays till the last minute" phase last year when the marks didn't matter so much.

I am usaully so organised when it comes to essay writing aswell but on Tuesday night i found myself sitting in my room at 9pm with a blank screen infront of me!. I had to write a 2000 word essay for the next day on the joys of the Kyoto Protocol. I hate to admit it, but i actually felt physically sick as i sat gazing at the empty word document. It is a feeling i never ever want to experience again. I did manage to complete the essay at 2am the following morning but to what standard is anyone's guess!.  I only hope God is looking down on me and willing to let me off the hook this once becuase i can assure you i will not  be putting myself in that position ever again.

Anyway, whats done is done as they say and i am determined not to let the whole experience ruin my christmas. I have already stared doing some revision for my exams to try and make up some of the marks i would of lost on the essays. The radio show is improving week on week, however i am looking forward to having Peter back with us after Christmas. Something is just not quite right without his presence. It is our final show before xmas next week and it promises to be a little bit special.

So anyone reading this who dosent already know,  The show is broadcast on WEDNESDAY 8PM www.kuberadio.com.

I will leave you all to get back on with your lives now


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